Associate Professor (Bitr. professor) at Linköping University
– Docent, PhD in Computer Science

I am an Associate Professor, in the KMACS lab (HCS division) at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University – and part of the LiU Semantic Web research area. My research is focused on explainable AI, including the Semantic Web and knowledge representation. Particular interests include ontology engineering methodologies and ontology design patterns.

I live in Jönköping, Sweden, and have two small children. Non-research-related interests include triathlon, where I have worked as an ITU Technical Official for the past 10 years, and nationally even longer. More recently I have been part of the team behind Jönköping Swimrun. I also enjoy swimming, running and biking myself, when time permits.

Recent news

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Our paper “Optimizing RDF Stream Processing for Uncertainty Management“, together with Robin Keskisärkkä and Olaf Hartig, has been accepted as full research paper for SEMANTiCS 2021.

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This book is aimed at students, researchers, and practitioners who wish to learn more about #knowledge #graphs and how they facilitate extracting value from diverse #data at #large #scale. Running examples and graphical notation are used throughout. Hogan

Come and work with us! We’re looking for a full professor (, two assistant or associate professors (, and three doctoral students (

Congratulations to my student @HuanYuLi1 for becoming the first recipient of our department's Harold Lawson prize for PhD students.
Some background on the prize and Harold Lawson, one of the founders of our department, at @liu_universitet

Large-scale knowledge graphs give rise to new questions about knowledge modeling/acquisition, the balance between humans and machines, and the ability to maintain knowledge and data at scale. Working on this? Submit to our special issue @journalWebSem

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